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Take the quiz Add Diction Build a chain of words by adding one letter at a time. The fact that physics cannot make deterministic predictions about individual systems does not excuse us from pursuing the goal of being able to describe them as they currently are. Bohr expressed this by demanding that an actually observed single fact should be a complete "phenomenon", not a system alone, but always with reference to both the preparing and the observing devices.

A specific example being the Schrödinger cat problem stated above, but this concept applies to any system where there is an interpretation that postulates, for example, that an object might exist in two positions at once.

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Ensemble de 4 tasses à thé en céramique style japonais Creative Teacups petites tasses à thé [E]. Liste de souhaits 0 Compte Panier Commander. Courriels et textos en tout temps. Trier par Classement en savoir plus i. Pour redonner de la luminosité à une pièce au carrelage foncé, on choisit des meubles en bois clair ou coloré.

Ensemble de the
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